Sushi Atelier Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Rating: (I would love to go back) Beautifully Presented Westernized Modern Sushi That Fascinates Japanese People Although sushi served here isn’t traditional Japanese sushi, it is modern and creative. Each piece of sushi is prepared carefully with so many techniques like notches and aburi (firing the surface), and with so many different kinds of modern sauces like ponzu jelly (instead of soy sauce). This restaurant is like an “atelier” where sushi is beautifully prepared and presented. Not only I but also Japanese friends were also fascinated by the creativeness and quality, and watching sushi chef prepare each piece of sushi was so much fun!   Westernized Modern Sushi Omakase Sushi […]

Tokyo Sukiyaki-Tei Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Wagyu Tokyo Sukiyaki-Tei

Rating: (I would love to go back) Authentic Wagyu from Japan at Reasonable Price in London I see a lot of overpriced, poor quality wagyu in London, but at Tokyo Sukiyaki-Tei, you can eat authentic wagyu from Japan in Japanese ways (sukiyaki, shabu shabu, and/or yakiniku (Japanese BBQ)) at reasonable price. You can also enjoy prestigious authentic Kobe beef, too!   Related Page: London Japanese Restaurant Ranking by Japanese   What is Wagyu? Authentic Japanese wagyu is 100% wagyu breed, which only existed in Japan until few decades ago. Now that wagyu raised all around the world, there are many non-100% wagyu sold as wagyu outside of Japan. In addition, […]

Tsujiri Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Tsujiri Sandae

Rating: (I would love to go back) Historical Japanese Matcha & Tea House from Japan Tsuji Riemon first opened a tea house named “Tsujiri” in 1860 in Uji, Kyoto. He was very successful, and green tea from Uji became very prestigious and still is regarded as one of the best green tea production region in Japan. There are several matcha and Japanese tea house companies that have the name “Tsujiri” in Japan: Tsujiri-Ichihonten, Gion-Tsujiri, Tsujiri-Hei-Honten, Tsujiri-Chaho etc. These tea houses have the same roots and was opened by relatives or employees of Tsujiri. London’s Tsujiri is a branch of Tsujiri-Chaho, which was first opened as a branch of Tsujiri-Ichihonten’s branch […]

Ippudo Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese


Rating: (I’ve gone back several times) Award Winning Tonkotsu Ramen from Japan Ippudo is one of the best known tonkotsu ramen restaurant in Japan because it won many awards including a ramen competition broadcasted on TV in Japan. Same as Kanada-Ya, it originates in Hakata region (southern part of Japan) where many good tonkotsu ramen restaurants exist. Ippudo has more than 100 branches in Japan, and its taste is loved by so many Japanese. Ippudo also has branches outside of Japan and came to London in 2014. It now has 3 branches in London.   Ippudo has been one of my favorite ramen places since I was living in Japan; […]

Shimogamo Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese


Rating: (I’ve gone back several times) Authentic Japanese Restaurant Loved by Locals in Camden I was recommended this restaurant by a Japanese who has lived in London for years. I have visited Shimogamo many times with many Japanese friends, and all of them were satisfied by its quality and taste. Considering its quality, dishes are priced at very reasonable price, compared to other Japanese restaurants. Not only Japanese people but also many Londoners come to Shimogamo, too. Related Page: London Japanese Restaurant Ranking by Japanese   Every Dish is Japan Quality and Reasonably Priced There are many Japanese dishes familiar for Londoners such as sushi, sashimi, katsu, tempura etc., but […]

Happy Sky Bakery Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Happy Sky Bakery

Rating: (I’ve gone back several times) Japanese Handmade Bakery in Acton Happy Sky Bakery is a Japanese handmade bakery. The policy of the bakery is “Worry free, preservative free bread for you and your loved ones” and almost everything is handmade, not just bread itself but also cream, curry, and anko (sweet azuki bean paste) inside the bread. I visit Happy Sky Bakery often, and it is always hard to pick because there are so many types of Japanese savory and sweet bread just baked in the oven. I could feel from the taste of bread that it is carefully handmade; hearty breads of Happy Sky Bakery fills not only […]

Sushi Murasaki Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Sushi Murasaki

Rating: (I would love to go back) Authentic Japanese Quality at Reasonable Price Sushi Murasaki is a small cozy sushi restaurant in Maida Vale. Head chef is Japanese whose father was also a sushi chef in a family-owned sushi restaurant in Japan. He was trained in Japan and also worked in prestigious Japanese restaurant outside of Japan including Nobu. He opened his sushi restaurant, Sushi Murasaki, in an aim to provide fresh, high-quality authentic Japanese sushi at a reasonable price. Every dish we had was carefully prepared and had authentic Japanese taste. Sushi was fresh and carefully prepared; starters were also beautiful and tasty. I believe that the price was […]

Kanada-Ya Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Tonkotsu Ramen Kanada-Ya

Rating: (I’ve gone back several times) Kanada-Ya is famous tonkotsu ramen restaurant in Japan Mr. Kanada, who was once a professional bicycle racer, is the founder of Kanada-Ya. He first opened his ramen restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan. Fukuoka is located in southern part of Japan and is known to have many great tonkotsu ramen restaurants. Among these tonkotsu restaurants, Kanada-Ya stood out and became very well-known; Kanada-Ya gradually became one of the best tonkotsu ramen restaurant in Japan. Kanada-Ya opened its restaurant in London in 2014. I have not been able to visit Kanada-Ya in Japan, but I believe that Kanada-ya in London kept Japan quality in terms of taste […]

Sakana-Tei Japanese Restaurant Review by Japanese

Assorted Sushi Sakana-Tei

Rating: Japanese Restaurant Category (I’ve gone back several times) Sushi Category (I would love to go back) I love this Japanese restaurant in London because it serves many dishes that Japanese love but aren’t usually served in other Japanese restaurants in London. This restaurant is not a fancy Japanese restaurant, but is like old cozy authentic Japanese casual izakaya (tapas bar) in Japan; it might be too authentic that it may be hard to fully enjoy this restaurant without Japanese friend. If you can’t go with Japanese friend, ask Japanese waiter and/or waitress for today’s recommendation and Japanese sake (rice wine) that goes well with the recommended food. Try fish […]